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Tanzania Forest Fund Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2015

The policy, legal and institutional framework for forest sector supports the use of the Tanzania Forest Fund as one among other modalities to finance sustainable forest management. Tanzania Forest Fund is a Conservation Trust Fund established by Act of parliament Cap. 323 [R.E. 2002] to provide stable and long term source of funding for sustainable conservation and management `of forest resources in Tanzania. The Tanzania Forest Fund is a Public Fund made operational in 2010 as a Not-for-Profit organization governed by Board of Trustees.

The main intent of establishing the Tanzania Forest Fund is to address the need for a long-term sustainable mechanism to funding the management of forest resources in Tanzania. Inadequate financial resources to support sustainable management of forests in Tanzania revealed the need for establishment of the Tanzania Forest Fund. To make sure that resources are allocated in the most efficient manner, Tanzania Forest Fund has developed this strategic plan which will be used to guide the implementation process of its objectives over the next three years (2012/13- 2014/15).

This strategic plan has been developed based on seven objectives of the Fund namely:-
(a) Promote awareness of the importance of the protection, development and sustainable use of forest resources through public education and training;

(b) Promote and assist in the development of community forestry directed towards the conservation and protection of the forest resources of the country through the making of grants and providing advice and assistance to groups of persons wishing to form themselves into a group;

(c) Promote and fund research into forestry;

(d) Assist in enabling Tanzania to benefit from international initiatives and International funds directed towards the conservation and protection of biological diversity and the promotion of sustainable development of forest resources;

(e) Assist groups of persons and individuals to participate in any public debates and discussions on forestry and in particular to participate in processes connected with the making of an environmental impact assessment.

(f) Assist groups of persons and individuals to ensure compliance with the Act;

(g) Promote such other activities of a like nature to those set out in this section as will advance the purposes of the Act.
With great pleasure I present the Tanzania Forest Fund Strategic plan for the stated period. In this regard, I wish to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the team which developed this important working document, without whom producing this document would have been impossible.

I wish, therefore, to challenge all Tanzania Forest Fund Secretariat and stakeholders to fully commit themselves to the implementation of this plan and to periodically monitor and evaluate its implementation and reporting on the overall performance for the benefit of the people of Tanzania.

Prof. Said Iddi


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